About Us

Deniz Sofa Company in its two decades of activity has made customer satisfaction the main goal and increasing the quality, optimization and variety of the product is its top priority.
این شرکت برای دستیابی به این مهم ، از تجهیز ات مدرن روز در تولید صنعتی ،مواد اولیه مرغوب ،طراحان خلاق بهره گرفته تا درنهایت عاملیت های فروش در سراسر کشور استفاده کنند.
The creative designers of Deniz Sofa Company are carefully controlled in all stages of construction and are produced in accordance with world quality standards, and then all parts are tested based on regular and comprehensive control criteria under the supervision of expert engineers, and after final approval, packaging. And are sent to customers all over the country.
Obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certification in quality control and comprehensive customer satisfaction system from swees sert company confirms the round-the-clock efforts of Deniz Sofa Group in this field.
The increasing growth of the economy and the development of technology and the need to enter the global markets have led Deniz Group executives to put knowledge-based strategy at the top and focus on product quality and quality improvement and upgrade production line standards to achieve global success in Take this step.
Deniz Sofa considers itself responsible to all customers and consumers and pays special attention to their demands. Therefore, strengthening and developing human resources, establishing a meritocracy management system and creating constructive competition are the main axes of this production group.
Cooperation with the National Standards Institute in the field of testing foam and the main furniture coils in all stages of production reflects the customer-oriented concerns of Venice and is a proof of this claim.
The excellence and brilliance of Deniz's name in the dark of the country's furniture industry and a reason for pride of Iranians around the world is the ultimate goal of the Deniz Sofa family.