All sofas are made with Russian wood coil and the best type of connections are used in them. One of the advantages of Russian wood is the light weight of wood and the next reason is that this wood is very resistant to termites due to the gum in the nature of wood.
The sponges used in furniture and living room coils belong to the reputable company Yurtan, and after the tests performed, the best density for high strength and traction has been used for this type of furniture.
The bases of the furniture are made of Super Georgia beech, all the woods have already been processed and are completely dry, and have a very high resistance.
The paint used in all parts of the furniture is made of polyurethane from the Italian company Ica, which has a very high resistance and quality. Another advantage of this type of paint is that it gives lasting shine to the plates.
In the other part of comfortable furniture, metal bases are used, which use chrome and gold plating in order to make the work beautiful. Fortic technology is used in all metal products in order to resist and increase the quality of plating at the end of the work.